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Sermon notes

Notes relating to sermons, listed in reverse date order (i.e. most recent first).

DateScripture TitleOther information PDFHTML
17 August 2014 (morning)Matthew 9:14-34Jesus, hope for a hurting world Steve Auld
3 August 2014 (morning)Matthew 9:1-8Jesus brings wholeness Julian Hardyman
13 July 2014 (morning)Matthew 8:18-22Jesus costs everything Julian Hardyman
22 June 2014 (morning)1 Timothy 6:20-21Guard the Gospel Julian Hardyman
15 June 2014 (morning)1 Timothy 6:17-19Your best investment Julian Hardyman
8 June 2014 (morning)1 Timothy 6:11-16A true Christian life Julian Hardyman
25 May 2014 (morning)1 Timothy 6:2-10How to get on the Ultimate Rich List Julian Hardyman
18 May 2014 (morning)1 Timothy 6:1-2The workplace slave Julian Hardyman
11 May 2014 (evening)Psalm 73:27-28Practising the presence of God Julian Hardyman
4 May 2014 (morning)1 Timothy 5:17-25Caring for elders Julian Hardyman
27 April 2014 (morning)1 Timothy 5:1-15Care in the Church Community Julian Hardyman
20 April 2014 (morning)Philippians 3:10-11Easter Sunday: Knowing the Risen Christ Julian Hardyman
6 April 2014 (morning)Luke 4:31-5:11The Power of the King Julian Hardyman
30 March 2014 (morning)Isaiah 49; Isaiah 6The mothering side of God Julian Hardyman
9 March 2014 (evening)Psalm 116:7Training our souls to return to their rest Julian Hardyman
9 February 2014 (morning)Psalm 115Not to us Dave Gobbett
23 February 2014 (morning)1 Timothy 4:11-16The heart of ministry Julian Hardyman
16 February 2014 (morning)1 Timothy 4:6-10How to spot a good minister Julian Hardyman
9 February 2014 (evening)Daniel 10-12What is the world coming to? Dave Gobbett
9 February 2014 (morning)1 Timothy 4:1-5The goodness of creation Julian Hardyman
2 February 2014 (morning)1 Timothy 3:14-16Unveiling the Mystery of the Living God Julian Hardyman
26 January 2014 (evening)Daniel 9The prayer and the Promise Dave Gobbett
26 January 2014 (morning)1 Timothy 3:1-13Elders and deacons in church life Julian Hardyman
19 January 2014 (evening)Daniel 8Kingdom in crisis Dave Gobbett
19 January 2014 (morning)1 Timothy 2:11-15Women in church life Julian Hardyman
12 January 2014 (evening)Daniel 7The higher throne Dave Gobbett
12 January 2014 (morning)1 Timothy 2:7-10Our part in God's plan Julian Hardyman
5 January 2014 (morning)Isaiah 55:8-13Mind the Gap George Guthrie
15 December 2013 (morning)Luke 1:26-38How Christmas amazes us Julian Hardyman
8 December 2013 (morning)Matthew 1:18-25Christmas Names Dave Gobbett
1 December 2013 (evening)Daniel 6Who do you fear? Dave Gobbett
1 December 2013 (morning)CS Lewis: his legacy, fifty years on Julian Hardyman
24 November 2013 (evening)Daniel 5Pride comes before a wall Dave Gobbett
24 November 2013 (morning)1 Timothy 2:5-7Is Jesus the only way to God? Julian Hardyman
17 November 2013 (morning)1 Timothy 2:1-4Prayer for all Julian Hardyman
3 November 2013 (evening)Daniel 4How the mighty have fallen Dave Gobbett
3 November 2013 (morning)1 Timothy 1:18-20Spiritual warfare Julian Hardyman
27 October 2013 (evening)Daniel 3Tested by fire Dave Gobbett
27 October 2013 (morning)1 Timothy 1:12-17Grace for the worst Julian Hardyman
20 October 2013 (evening)Daniel 2The one who holds the future Dave Gobbett
13 October 2013 (evening)Psalms 42 and 43Managing our morale Julian Hardyman
13 October 2013 (morning)John 3:16Good News! Dave Gobbett
6 October 2013 (evening)Daniel 1The line in the sand Dave Gobbett
6 October 2013 (morning)1 Timothy 1:1-2Grace, mercy and peace Julian Hardyman
29 September 2013 (evening)Psalm 19:12-14God and our hidden faults Julian Hardyman
22 September 2013 (evening)Psalm 103:19-23God and our focus Julian Hardyman
8 September 2013 (morning)Colossians 4:2-6Reaching out for Christ Julian Hardyman
1 September 2013 (evening)Psalm 103:1-5God and our forgetfulness Julian Hardyman
1 September 2013 (morning)Colossians 3:12-17New relationships in Christ Dave Gobbett
18 August 2013 (evening)2 Kings 1Prophetic Justice Julian Hardyman
18 August 2013 (morning)Colossians 3:1-4Finding new direction in Christ Julian Hardyman
4 August 2013 (morning)Colossians 2:6-15Enjoying fullness in Christ Dave Gobbett
23 June 2013 (evening)Philippians 2:1-11Let this mind be in you... David Starling
23 June 2013 (morning)Genesis 11:10-12:9New Beginnings Julian Hardyman
16 June 2013 (evening)Ephesians 5:18-20, Colossians 3:16Words worth singing Dave Gobbett
16 June 2013 (morning)Genesis 11Technological ambitions Julian Hardyman
9 June 2013 (evening)Ephesians 4Words that build up Craig Summers
9 June 2013 (morning)Genesis 9:18-10:22Under the affluence of incohol Julian Hardyman
2 June 2013 (evening)Colossians 3:8-10 and othersWords that tear down Dave Gobbett. A more detailed and animated version of these notes is available here.
2 June 2013 (morning)Genesis 8:20-9:17Understanding rainbows Pete Williams
26 May 2013 (morning)Genesis 6-8Flood warning Julian Hardyman
19 May 2013 (morning)Genesis 5Escaping the road to dusty death Julian Hardyman
12 May 2013 (evening)2 Chronicles 16Seeking God or relying on something else? Julian Hardyman
12 May 2013 (morning)Romans 8:31-39The God over all Dave Gobbett
5 May 2013 (evening)2 Chronicles 15Seeking God in a time of victory Julian Hardyman
5 May 2013 (morning)Romans 8:17-30The glory ahead of us Dave Gobbett
28 Apr 2013 (evening)2 Chronicles 14:8-15Seeking God when the odds against you are overwhelming Julian Hardyman
28 Apr 2013 (morning)Romans 8:5-17The Spirit within us Dave Gobbett
21 Apr 2013 (evening)2 Chronicles 14:1-7Seeking God in a time of peace Julian Hardyman
21 Apr 2013 (morning)Romans 8:1-4The cross behind us Dave Gobbett
7 Apr 2013 (morning)1 Corinthians 15:58The productivity of faith (because of Easter) Julian Hardyman
31 Mar 2013 (morning)1 Corinthians 15:1-28The futility of faith (without Easter) Julian Hardyman
24 Mar 2013 (evening)Matthew 21:18-22Nothing but leaves? Julian Hardyman
17 Mar 2013 (evening)Romans 7:1-25Les Miserables - life under the law Dave Gobbett
17 Mar 2013 (morning)Genesis 4:16-26Culture and cruelty Julian Hardyman
10 Mar 2013 (evening)John 8:12Bathed in Sonlight Julian Hardyman
24 Feb 2013 (evening)Romans 6:15-23A Tale of Two Masters - living under new management Dave Gobbett
24 Feb 2013 (morning)Genesis 4:1-16Sibling rivalry Julian Hardyman
17 Feb 2013 (evening)Matthew 16:21-28Dying to live Julian Hardyman
17 Feb 2013 (morning)Genesis 2-3Homosexuality and the Gospel: narratives in conflict Julian Hardyman
10 Feb 2013 (evening)Romans 6:1-14The King and I - the glories (and duties) of union with Christ Dave Gobbett
10 Feb 2013 (morning)Genesis 3:14-24Paradise lost Julian Hardyman
3 Feb 2013 (morning)Genesis 3:1-13Tempted to be God Julian Hardyman
27 Jan 2013 (evening)Romans 5:12-21Love’s Labour’s Won - how Jesus’s grace comes to Adam’s race Dave Gobbett
27 Jan 2013 (morning)Genesis 2:18-25Marriage in Paradise Julian Hardyman
13 Jan 2013 (evening)Romans 5:1-11War and Peace: Justification – so what? Dave Gobbett
13 Jan 2013 (morning)Genesis 2:4-17Gardener's world Julian Hardyman
6 Jan 2013 (morning)Romans 15:13New year, new hope Julian Hardyman
23 Dec 2012 (evening)Philippians 2:5-8The mindset of Christ Julian Hardyman
16 Dec 2012 (morning)Isaiah 9:1-7Jesus: light for our darkness Julian Hardyman
9 Dec 2012 (morning)Matthew 1:18-25What's in a name? Julian Hardyman
25 Nov 2012 (morning)The Social Network - thinking Christianly about new media Dave Gobbett
18 Nov 2012 (evening)Romans 3:27–4:25The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Dave Gobbett
18 Nov 2012 (morning)Genesis 2:1-3God, work and rest Julian Hardyman
11 Nov 2012 (morning)God and science: the controversies, the church and the world Julian Hardyman
4 Nov 2012 (evening)Romans 3:21-31Atonement: How the cross meets our biggest need Dave Gobbett
4 Nov 2012 (morning)Genesis 1:28-31God and the purpose he gave Julian Hardyman
28 Oct 2012 (evening)Romans 2:1-3:20The Dark Night: God's judgment against pride Dave Gobbett
28 Oct 2012 (morning)Genesis 1:26-27God and the people he made Julian Hardyman
21 Oct 2012 (morning)Galatians 5:22-26What makes for a good missionary? Jim Sayers
14 Oct 2012 (morning)Genesis 1:2-26Creation (2) Julian Hardyman
7 Oct 2012 (evening)Romans 1:8-17The King's Speeach: What makes the good news good? Dave Gobbett
7 Oct 2012 (morning)Genesis 1:2-26Creation (1) Julian Hardyman
30 Sep 2012 (evening)Romans 1:1-7Romans Overture: The Greatest News Dave Gobbett
30 Sep 2012 (morning)Genesis 1:1The God who is there Julian Hardyman
23 Sep 2012 (morning)Acts 1:1-11Our vision: a growing church Dave Gobbett
16 Sep 2012 (morning)Acts 2:42-47Our vision: a healthy church Julian Hardyman
9 Sep 2012 (morning)Acts 2:36-41Who should be baptised? Julian Hardyman
2 Sep 2012 (morning)Hebrews 4:14-16There's help on offer Dick Dowsett
24 Jun 2012 (morning)Luke 24:1-53The coming of the king - living his new life Julian Hardyman
17 Jun 2012 (evening)James 4:1-10More grace Julian Hardyman
17 Jun 2012 (morning)Luke 23:26-56The coming of the king - Seeing him die Dave Gobbett
10 Jun 2012 (morning)Luke 22:39-23:25The coming of the king - Putting him on trial Dave Gobbett
3 Jun 2012 (morning)Luke 22:1-38The coming of the king - From Last Supper to Lord's Supper Julian Hardyman
27 May 2012 (morning)Luke 20:45-21:38The coming of the king - When he returns Julian Hardyman
20 May 2012 (morning)Luke 19:28-20:47The coming of the king - Observing his arrival Julian Hardyman
13 May 2012 (morning)Luke 18:31-19:27Life in the Kingdom of God - Waiting responsibly Julian Hardyman
6 May 2012 (morning)Luke 18:9-30Life in the Kingdom of God - Entering rightly Julian Hardyman
29 Apr 2012 (morning)Luke 17:1-19Exercising faith Julian Hardyman
22 Apr 2012 (morning)Luke 16:1-5Mastering Money Julian Hardyman
15 Apr 2012 (evening)Philippians 2:6-11The Champion of Champions Dave Gobbett
04 Mar 2012 (morning)Luke 14:1-24Jesus and the Hospitality Gospel Julian Hardyman
19 Feb 2012 (morning)Luke 11:37-54Jesus and Religion Dave Gobbett
12 Feb 2012 (morning)Luke 11:1-13Jesus and prayer Julian Hardyman
5 Feb 2012 (morning)Luke 10:1-42The three-legged stool of Christian discipleship Julian Hardyman
29 Jan 2012 (evening)2 Timothy 2:14-26Keep on Track Dave Gobbett
29 Jan 2012 (morning)Luke 9:18-36Jesus, suffering and glory Julian Hardyman
22 Jan 2012 (evening)2 Timothy 2:1-13Taking the Strain Dave Gobbett
22 Jan 2012 (morning)Luke 8:1-21Hearing Jesus Julian Hardyman
15 Jan 2012 (evening)2 Timothy 1On your marks Dave Gobbett
8 Jan 2012 (morning)Luke 7:1-10Believing Jesus Julian Hardyman
4 Dec 2011 (morning)Luke 6:39-49Jesus - and the goal of our lives Julian Hardyman
27 Nov 2011 (morning)Luke 6:12-49Jesus' new community Julian Hardyman
20 Nov 2011 (morning)Luke 5:1-32Jesus the controversial saviour Julian Hardyman
13 Nov 2011 (morning)Luke 4:14-44The Message of Jesus Julian Hardyman
30 Oct 2011 (morning)Luke 3:21 - 4:13Jesus: Identity and Vocation Julian Hardyman
23 Oct 2011 (morning)Luke 3:1-20Getting ready for Jesus Graham Beynon
16 Oct 2011 (morning)Luke 2:1-52Jesus: revisiting the manger Julian Hardyman
9 Oct 2011 (morning)Luke 1:5-80Jesus and what faith is Julian Hardyman
2 Oct 2011 (morning)Luke 1:1-4Jesus: historically Credible? Julian Hardyman
18 Sep 2011 (morning)Deuteronomy 7People who belong to God Graham Beynon
11 Sep 2011 (morning)John 12:20-36A vision for the Church Julian Hardyman
4 Sep 2011 (evening)Psalm 13All my days must I sing this song of sadness? Julian Hardyman
4 Sep 2011 (morning)Deuteronomy 6People who love God Graham Beynon
28 Aug 2011 (morning)Ephesians 4:29Practicing affirmation - using our words for good Dave Gobbett
31 Jul 2011 (evening)Psalm 18'God saves': pious make-believe or astonishing truth? Dave Tricker
31 Jul 2011 (morning)Hebrews 13:7-16Facing the Future Together Julian Hardyman
17 Jul 2011 (morning)1 Corinthians 12:12-26Growing together Graham Beynon
10 Jul 2011 (morning)Romans 12:3-21Loving together Graham Beynon
3 Jul 2011 (morning)Ephesians 2:11-22United together Graham Beynon
19 Jun 2011 (morning)Proverbs 29:25Wisdom about people pleasing Julian Hardyman
12 Jun 2011 (evening)1 Peter 5:1-11Being God's flock Dave Gobbett
12 Jun 2011 (morning)Proverbs 18:10-11, 25:28Wisdom about personal brokenness Julian Hardyman
5 Jun 2011 (evening)1 Peter 4:12-19From suffering to glory in the world Dave Gobbett
5 Jun 2011 (morning)Proverbs 16:11-15, 21-24Wisdom about leadership and government Julian Hardyman
29 May 2011 (evening)1 Peter 4:1-11Living now in the light of then Dave Gobbett
29 May 2011 (morning)Proverbs 14:31, 23:10-11, 31:8-9Wisdom about Justice Julian Hardyman
15 May 2011 (evening)1 Peter 3:13-22Why did Jesus die? Dave Gobbett
8 May 2011 (evening)1 Peter 3:1-12Living as God's people at home and at church Dave Gobbett
8 May 2011 (morning)Proverbs 24:30-34Wisdom about sluggardliness Julian Hardyman
1 May 2011 (evening)1 Peter 2:18-25Living as God's people from 9 to 5 Dave Gobbett
1 May 2011 (morning)Proverbs 3:31-32, 14:30, 23:17-18, 24:1-2Wisdom about envy Julian Hardyman
24 Apr 2011 (morning)Matthew 28:1-10Easter Emotions Julian Hardyman
3 Apr 2011 (morning)Proverbs 23:13-14Wisdom about parenting and family life Julian Hardyman
20 Mar 2011 (morning)Proverbs 19:11-14Wisdom about marriage Julian Hardyman
13 Mar 2011 (morning)Proverbs 17:9, 17, 18, 18:24Wisdom about friendship Julian Hardyman
6 Mar 2011 (morning)Proverbs 15:8, 29Wisdom about prayer Julian Hardyman
27 Feb 2011 (evening)1 Peter 1:22-2:3People born again through the Word Dave Gobbett
27 Feb 2011 (morning)Proverbs 16:1-9, 33Wisdom about making plans Julian Hardyman
20 Feb 2011 (morning)Proverbs 16:32-33Wisdom and the Healing of Anger Julian Hardyman
6 Feb 2011 (evening)1 Peter 1:13-21People purchased for a purpose Dave Gobbett
6 Feb 2011 (morning)Proverbs 10:15-16Wisdom about Wealth and Poverty Julian Hardyman
30 Jan 2011 (evening)1 Peter 1:10-12People of Privilege Dave Gobbett
30 Jan 2011 (morning)Proverbs 11:2, 29:23Wisdom about Pride and Humility Julian Hardyman
23 Jan 2011 (evening)1 Peter 1:3-9People with a Glorious Future Dave Gobbett
23 Jan 2011 (morning)Proverbs 16:6, 20:9, 28:13, 14:9Wisdom about failure Julian Hardyman
16 Jan 2011 (evening)1 Peter 1:1-2, 5:12-14People of the triune God Dave Gobbett
16 Jan 2011 (morning)Proverbs 10:6-14, 17-21, 31-32, 30:1-6Wisdom about words Julian Hardyman
9 Jan 2011 (morning)Proverbs 15:23, 25:11, 26:7,9, 30:1-6How to read a proverb Julian Hardyman
19 Dec 2010 (morning)John 1:14Beholding the glory of Christ Julian Hardyman
12 Dec 2010 (morning)MicahAnd He will be their peace: Christmas according to Micah Dave Gobbett
5 Dec 2010 (morning)Proverbs 9Masterchef final: wisdom vs. folly Julian Hardyman
28 Nov 2010 (evening)1 Corinthians 7:36-40You're the one that I want: a word about going out Dave Gobbett
28 Nov 2010 (morning)Proverbs 8God's theory of everything Julian Hardyman
21 Nov 2010 (morning)Proverbs 5-7Sex and desire Julian Hardyman
14 Nov 2010 (evening)1 Corinthians 7:25-35Hopefully devoted to you: a word about singleness Dave Gobbett
14 Nov 2010 (morning)Proverbs 4:1-27The secret of a lifelong pilgrimage Julian Hardyman
31 Oct 2010 (evening)1 Corinthians 7:17-24The grass is always greener: Christ and contentment Dave Gobbett
31 Oct 2010 (morning)Proverbs 3:1-18Knowing God in good times and bad Julian Hardyman
24 Oct 2010 (evening)1 Corinthians 7:10-16Happily Ever After? A Word about Marriage, Divorce & Remarriage Dave Gobbett
24 Oct 2010 (morning)Proverbs 2:1-22From vulnerability to victory Julian Hardyman
17 Oct 2010 (evening)1 Corinthians 7:1-9Make it a night to remember: a word about sex Dave Gobbett
17 Oct 2010 (morning)Proverbs 1:20-33What kind of fool are you? Julian Hardyman
10 Oct 2010 (evening)1 Corinthians 6:12-20When two become one: why our sexuality really matters Dave Gobbett
10 Oct 2010 (morning)Proverbs 1:8-19Peer Pressure Julian Hardyman
3 Oct 2010 (evening)1 Corinthians 6:9-11The Past you can't forget: When Sex Meets Grace Dave Gobbett
3 Oct 2010 (morning)Proverbs 1:1-7Wise Up! Julian Hardyman
26 Sep 2010 (evening)Isaiah 62:1-7Give him no rest Julian Hardyman
26 Sep 2010 (morning)1 Thessalonians 2:17-3:13A picture postcard of Christian love Dave Gobbett
19 Sep 2010 (evening)Isaiah 61:1-7Good News for Broken People Julian Hardyman
19 Sep 2010 (morning)1 Thessalonians 2:1-16Gospel Ministry Dave Gobbett
12 Sep 2010 (evening)Isaiah 57:14-21Personal revival and the presence of God Julian Hardyman
12 Sep 2010 (morning)1 Thessalonians 1:1-10Gospel Fruit Dave Gobbett
5 Sep 2010Deuteronomy 8Fighting the pitfalls of prosperity Julian Hardyman
4 July 2010 (evening)Isaiah 1:1-20A new perspective Julian Hardyman
4 July 2010 (morning)Galatians 6:18Grace retrospective Julian Hardyman
13 Jun 2010Galatians 6:6-10Avoiding weariness in well-doing Julian Hardyman
6 Jun 2010Galatians 6:3-5Know then thyself: self-image and responsibility in the life of the Spirit Julian Hardyman
30 May 2010Galatians 6:1-5Burden bearing Julian Hardyman
23 May 2010Galatians 5:22-26The Fruit of the Spirit Julian Hardyman
16 May 2010Galatians 5:16-21The Battle Within Julian Hardyman
2 May 2010Galatians 5:13-15Free to love Julian Hardyman
4 Apr 2010John 20EASTER SUNDAY: The day death died Julian Hardyman
7 Mar 2010Galatians 5:1-12Freedom, faith and love Julian Hardyman
28 Feb 2010Galatians 4:21-5:1Freedom Julian Hardyman
21 Feb 2010Galatians 4:8-20Idols and their dangers Julian Hardyman
14 Feb 2010Galatians 4:1-7No longer slaves Julian Hardyman
7 Feb 2010Galatians 3:26-29All one in Christ Jesus Julian Hardyman
31 Jan 2010Galatians 3:15-25The Law and the Promise Julian Hardyman
17 Jan 2010Galatians 3:6-14Curses: God's self-substitution Julian Hardyman
10 Jan 2010
Matthew 6:34Anxiety, uncertainty and Christ Julian Hardyman
10 Jan 2010
Galatians 3:1-5Life in the Spirit Julian Hardyman
13 Dec 2009John 1:14One of us: how God became human and what it means Julian Hardyman
6 Dec 2009Galatians 2:21Celebrating God's powerful grace in the life of John Calvin, born 1509 Julian Hardyman
15 Nov 2009Galatians 2:17-21The life of the justified sinner Julian Hardyman
1 Nov 2009Galatians 2:11-16Justification: a truth to fight for - and cherish Julian Hardyman - Julian recommends The Unquenchable Flame: Introducing the Reformation by Mike Reeves.
25 Oct 2009Galatians 2:1-10Partners in God's outreach Julian Hardyman
18 Oct 2009Galatians 1:11-24Changed! By a message from God Julian Hardyman
11 Oct 2009Galatians 1:6-10When angels are dangerous Julian Hardyman
4 Oct 2009Galatians 1:1-5Dear recovering Pharisee... Julian Hardyman - Includes Galatians outline
27 Sep 2009Various Celebrate the Harvest! Gordon Dalzell - see HTML version for linked bible references.
20 Sep 2009Various Kept by His Power: Exploring 'Preservation of the Saints' Dave Gobbett - see HTML version for linked bible references.
13 Sep 2009Various Drawn by His Grace: Exploring 'Irresistible Grace' Dave Gobbett - see HTML version for linked bible references.
6 Sep 2009Various Redeemed by his Blood: Exploring 'Effectual Atonement' Dave Gobbett - see HTML version for linked bible references.
16 Aug 2009Various Chosen from Eternity: Exploring 'Unconditional Election' Dave Gobbett - see HTML version for linked bible references.
9 Aug 2009Various Rotten to the core: exploring 'total depravity' Dave Gobbett - see HTML version for linked bible references. Also relevant is J.I. Packer's introduction to a 1958 reprint of John Owen's “The Death of Death in the Death of Christ”
September 2007 to March 2009HebrewsAN OUTLINE OF HEBREWS Julian Hardyman - Notes to accompany the sermon series, starting 30 September 2007.
September 2007 to March 2009HebrewsA short outline of Hebrews Julian Hardyman - As given out with the bulletin on 14 October 2007
8 Mar 2009Hebrews 13:7,17-19Leadership: ours and His Julian Hardyman
1 Mar 2009Hebrews 13:7-16Sacrifice: His and ours Julian Hardyman
22 Feb 2009Hebrews 13:4-6Free sex? Loadsamoney? Where does true contentment come from? Julian Hardyman - In his sermon Julian refers to the book Just Sex: Is it ever just sex? by Guy Brandon - details of this book can be found here.
15 Feb 2009Psalm 85 Revive us again, O Lord: remembering the 1859 revival. Julian Hardyman
8 Feb 2009Hebrews 13:1-3Practical love Julian Hardyman
Love one another like brothers and sisters In his sermon on "Practical Love" Julian refers to a new book by Gerald Sittser called "Love One Another: Becoming the church Jesus longs for". This document contains the chapter headings and the New Testament references they are based on.
1 Feb 2009Hebrews 12:18-29True Zionism and its implications Julian Hardyman
25 Jan 2009Hebrews 12:12-17Make sure you hit the finish line Julian Hardyman
18 Jan 2009Hebrews 12:3-13God's training programme Julian Hardyman
11 Jan 2009Hebrews 12:1-2Running the race Julian Hardyman
30 Nov 2008Hebrews 11:32-40Faith to be strong, faith to be weak Julian Hardyman
23 Nov 2008Hebrews 11:23-29Moses: a faith-driven life Julian Hardyman
16 Nov 2008Hebrews 11:11-12,17-22Abraham and Isaac: faith tested to the limit Julian Hardyman
09 Nov 2008Hebrews 11:8-10,13-16Abraham: faith and the call of God Julian Hardyman
26 Oct 2008Hebrews 11:7Noah: faith and fear Julian Hardyman
19 Oct 2008Hebrews 11:5-6Faith: Enjoying Intimacy with the Infinite God Julian Hardyman
12 Oct 2008Hebrews 11:2,4Abel: Faith Finding Approval Julian Hardyman
5 Oct 2008Hebrews 11:1,3Faith - alone in the universe? Julian Hardyman
22 Jun 2008Hebrews 10:23-25Redwood or dead wood? Julian Hardyman
15 Jun 2008Hebrews 10:1-22Open access Julian Hardyman
8 Jun 2008Hebrews 9Cleansing the conscience Julian Hardyman
25 May 2008Hebrews 8God's new deal Julian Hardyman - Sermon notes
How Hebrews 8 relates to the structure of Hebrews 4-10
18 May 2008Hebrews 7The power of an indestructible life Julian Hardyman - Sermon notes
How Hebrews 7 compares Melchizedek, the Aaronic/Levitical priesthood and Jesus
4 May 2008Hebrews 6:4-11Danger and Destiny Julian Hardyman - Sermon notes
Old testament references in Hebrews 6:4-5
Scripture passages about God's perseverance in his people
27 Apr 2008Luke 12:54-56Christians and Climate Change Julian Hardyman
20 Apr 2008Hebrews 5:11-6:3The road to maturity Julian Hardyman
30 Mar 2008Luke 10:25-37Loving our unborn neightbours Julian Hardyman - A contemporary and biblical look at the issues of abortion and of the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act, 2008
2 Mar 2008Hebrews 5:1-10How Jesus became the perfect Saviour Julian Hardyman
17 Feb 2008Hebrews 4:14-16The best pastor in the world Julian Hardyman - In this sermon, Julian refers to a book called 'Practicing the presence of people: how we learn to love' by Mike Mason, that he has found very helpful, without necessarily endorsing every part of it. It is available from Amazon or The Book Depository
10 Feb 2008Leviticus 25:1-24Property, Roots and Identity Michael Schluter (Jubilee Centre)
3 Feb 2008Hebrews 4:11-13Under God's scalpel Julian Hardyman
27 Jan 2008Hebrews 4:1-13Rest assured Julian Hardyman - Related to this sermon, Julian Hardyman recommends The Busy Christian's Guide to Busyness by Tim Chester (IVP) as an exceptionally helpful practical guide for those seeking more rest in their lives. You can find out more at by watching a short video and buy it from IVP books.
20 Jan 2008Hebrews 3:7-19Finishing well or falling away? Julian Hardyman
13 Jan 2008Hebrews 3:1-6Faithfulness Julian Hardyman
2 Dec 2007Hebrews 2:17-18Everybody hurts Julian Hardyman
18 Nov 2007Romans 12:1-2The beauty myth: Jesus, the incarnation and body image Julian Hardyman - Sermon notes
A document prepared by Evelyn Sharpe of Interhealth listing help and information regarding eating disorders.
Fighting Internet pornography use - some helpful links.
4 Nov 2007Hebrews 2:14-18Jesus and fear of death Julian Hardyman
28 Oct 2007Hebrews 2:10-13Jesus and his family Julian Hardyman
21 Oct 2007Hebrews 2:5-9Jesus and the true destiny of humanity Julian Hardyman
14 Oct 2007Hebrews 1:5-2:4Jesus and why we dare not neglect him Julian Hardyman
07 Oct 2007Hebrews 1:2-4Jesus: the master and meaning of the universe Julian Hardyman
30 Sep 2007Hebrews 1:1-2Jesus: The final word from the speaking God Julian Hardyman
19 Feb 06Jeremiah 17:19-27Rest: the significance of the Sabbath Julian Hardyman
12 Feb 06Jeremiah 17:1-18Why we all need a heart transplant Julian Hardyman
12 Feb 062 Corinthians 1:3-7"Body Care 4: Comforting" Julian Hardyman
29 Jan 06Leviticus 19:17"Body Care 3: Confronting" Julian Hardyman - In this sermon, Julian refers to an excellent book on how God uses mutual confrontation between Christians to help us change: "Instruments in the Redeemer's Hands: People in Need of Change Helping People in Need of Change" by Paul David Tripp, available from Christian bookshops.
22 Jan 06Hebrews 10:25
Acts 11:19-25
"Body Care 2: Encouragment" Julian Hardyman - In this sermon, Julian refers to the dangers of perfectionism. For more insight on a very important topic see this very helpful article "The Pursuit of Excellence and the Perils of Perfectionism" by Dr. Richard Winter.
22 Jan 06Jeremiah 14-15"Praying under pressure" Julian Hardyman
15 Jan 06James 1:19"Body Care 1: Listening" Julian Hardyman
15 Jan 06Jeremiah 13"Pants, Pride and Pain"Julian Hardyman
13 Feb 05Genesis 1-2"The first Great Commission" Julian Hardyman
13 Feb 05Ephesians 5:11-17"Clockwise: Christian Time Management and its Results" Julian Hardyman
6 Feb 05Ephesians 5:8-10"Children of light - please your Father!" Julian Hardyman
"Ten ways to please God" Additional notes relating to the above sermon
30 Jan 05Ephesians 5:5-7"Standing for God in a desire-driven culture" Julian Hardyman
23 Jan 05Ephesians 5:3-4"Staying pure in a sex-mad society" Julian Hardyman
16 Jan 05Ephesians 5:1-2"How to please your Father: imitate God by loving like Jesus" Julian Hardyman
28 Nov 04Ephesians 4:28,29,32"Words: where community is made or marred" Julian Hardyman
7 Nov 04Ephesians 4:28"Work: why it matters" Julian Hardyman
"Twelve reasons for giving" Additional notes relating to the above sermon. Please note that the HTML version includes hyperlinks for the bible texts.
31 Oct 04Ephesians 4:26-27"Anger: God's opportunity or Satan's?" Julian Hardyman
The text of a sermon on Anger Additional material relating to the above sermon, Julian Hardyman, 2002.
24 Oct 04Ephesians 4:22-24"Re-creation: how to be the new me" Julian Hardyman
17 Oct 04 Ephesians 4:17-19"From futility to faith" Julian Hardyman - (Diagram relating to the sermon)
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